Rev. Raynald Clotaire


Born in Saint-Louis du Sud, a municipality in the South department in Haiti, Raynald Clotaire is first of all a servant of God. He is married to mrs. Ghislaine Adrien and is the proud father of four beautiful children(1 son and 2 daughters).  He currently serves as the co-pastor of the Haitian Maranatha Church of God alongside Reverend Jean E. Sylvain.

Reverend Clotaire was raise in a Christian family and was baptised at the arly age of 12.  He studied at the Mission Evangelique Baptiste du Sud d’Haiti, a very well known Christian mission in Haiti.  For many years, Reverend Clotaire serves under his spiritual mentor, Pastor Gerard Ferrer Sanon, who encouraged him later on to go to the “Institut Biblique Lumière” for four years to sutdy Theology, which he did.

After his studies, he receives a letter from the “Faith Christian Center” asking him to represent the mission in the South as their pastor.  At that time, it was not yet clear to him what God wanted him to do until he went on a mission in Thomazeau in the West department of Haiti.  For the first time he heard God speaking to him in those terms: “Voila le travail a faire”, which literally means: “Here is the work to do”, then he heard God’s voice a second time adn a third time.  Finally, he knew what he had to do.

In the year of 1988, he left Haiti to come to America and a friend invited him to the Haitian Maranatha Church of God where he became a member.  In 1994, after the passing of the founder of the church, Pastor Adrien Denasty, Reverend Sylvain became the senior pastor of Maranatha Church of God and Pastor Clotaire was named the co-pastor.  Pastor Clotaire is a man of simple taste, however his love for God and God’s work make him an uncontested spiritual leader in the Haitian Community.