Rev. Jean E. Sylvain


A native of Jérémie, Haiti, Jean E. Sylvain was born and raised in a Christian family.  As a child, he attended a small baptist church in the area at the early age of seven, he accepted Jesus Chist as

his personal Savior.  Later on, he became a Sunday school teacher while attending a Congregational school of Father Raoul Lefèvre in Jérémie.  He came to experience God in a personal level in a dream.  He then received advice from his older brother who was a pastor and his school principal who directed him about what God had told him in that dream.  In 1979, he went on to study Theology at a Bible School where received a diploma in Theologival Studies.  In Haiti he worked for the Census Bureau in Kinscoff and Furcy and also as a middle school teacher.


In 1986, he left Haiti for the US where he met Pastors Georges Mode and Adrien Denasty.  One year later, Pastor Denasty founded the Haitian Maranatha Church of God and Pastor Sylvain joined him.  In 1994, Pastor Denasty died and Reverend Sylvain became the senior pastor of Maranatha Church of God.  He has been serving that that church for 24 years.  He is happily married to Orana J.B