Rev. Delima Dagis


Delima Dagis born on July 23 1955 in a little village called Boucan Richard, Haiti. Born in a predominantly a pagan family (Grandmother and grandfather were voodoo priests), Delima Dagis did his primary studies at the Catholic school Sacred-Heart in Gros-morne, Haiti where he received fundamental teachings in Cathechism and the Holy Stories of the Catholic church. Upon completing his primary studies he was sent to the city of Gonaives where he would complete his secondary studies. He later moved to Carrefour, Port-au-prince to complete all of his classical studies at Cotubanama College in 1986.
Delima Dagis gave his life to the Lord on the wonderful evening of December, 26, 1976 and was later baptized the following year in 1977. In 1980 Dagis received a call to ministry and was lead by the Lord to attend Word Faith Bible College from 1981-1985. His Love for Gods ministry lead him to be co-founder and co-pastor of Victors by Faith Church of God where he also was a professor until he received a visa to enter the United States in 1991. Delima Dagis is a Palm Beach State college graduate and now practices as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), he also has graduated from The Academy and Practical Nursing of West Palm Beach, he works for HeartLand Health Care. Dagis is now happily married to his wonderful wife of 25 years. He has 3 children: Melchisedek, Sophonie, Joel and they have lived in West Palm Beach Fl since 1998.

Delima Dagis is a man of God whom has had great experiences in the Lords battle field. He admits that the task is not always easy. The adversary has attacked him on many occasions to paralyze him but his Captain, Jesus Christ was always there to rescue him. Dagis is a faithful warrior of Jesus Christ and is always on guard with his sword ready to do battle and his knees consistently on the ground following the directions of his captain. Dagis is an ever-learning student of the bible. Taking care of the business of his heavenly father is his passion. He enjoys gardening and spending time in God’s word.

“I was tossed by the waves but I did not sink, this ministry is an apostolic ministry and requires courage, endurance, patience, determination, and obedience that can only be found through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your prayers are always welcome, be blessed by the grace of the Lord”.